Ann Gardner, owner and creative lead of Ringleader Paper Co.

Ann Gardner, owner and creative lead of Ringleader Paper Co.

Remember the last time you got a card or note in the mail?

Did it bring you a little joy, not only because it wasn't a bill, but because you knew someone was thinking of you? Or how about that invitation you received from someone who wanted to share their special day with you? Did it bring a smile to your face? The simple act of sending a card or note can mean so much to the person who receives it. It's a small gesture, but a powerful one.

Extra time and effort goes into the details of every stationery item Ringleader Paper Co. creates (along with a little personal attachment) to ensure that you feel you're getting a unique product that's high in quality and style. My one-of-a-kind announcements, invitations, and personal stationery are created with a classic, yet modern style, to help you connect with the people you care about. 

Let's make the world a happier place, one smile at a time.

Ann Gardner

I'm a designer, photographer, and paper lover. Being raised by creative parents who, among other things, made their own Christmas cards at the kitchen table, I learned how much fun it was to make things with my hands. I grew up with paints, crayons, markers, and Colorforms. Later in life, turning all that creativity towards graphic design, I branched out into stationery design with the launch of my paper goods company, Ringleader Paper Co. Also a classically trained pastry chef, I enjoy being creative with flavors, bringing it back full circle to the kitchen table.

I'm currently designing stationery and other paper goods for Minted, Elli, and of course, Ringleader Paper Co.