Love bacon? There's a national day to celebrate that!


So here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Chocolate,
  • Kindness,
  • Vintage stuff,
  • Books, and
  • Bacon (of course!)

Did you know you can celebrate all the things you love on it's very own special day? Of course there's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Bosses Day, but what about those things that can't lobby for a day of their own? I'm talking about chocolate, stickers, and K9 Veterans. Well, it turns out, practically anything can have a day to celebrate their awesomeness.

Who comes up with These obscure national days?

There are more than 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, and other famous events here in the U.S. That doesn't even include the really obscure national days. Where do these originate and are they even official? According to BostInno, the Federal government has declared a number of days, such as Mother's Day/Father's Day and Wright Brothers Day, but has since stopped passing legislation for special days of celebration. I'm assuming they have more important issues to resolve (when politicians work together.) Mayors, towns, and states can declare their own, however, and sometimes do. So just because someone uses the word "National" doesn't mean it's officially sanctioned.

But what about National Bacon Day? That day, like National Bunsen Burner Day, was probably decided upon by a company that wanted to highlight the role bacon plays in our everyday happiness. Shameless promotion? Perhaps. 

Chase’s Calendar of Events is the most authoritative publication of events if you want to get technical. It's been around since 1957 and is well respected among calendar makers, libraries, the media, and event planners. 

Does that mean we shouldn't celebrate national days?

No! It's a fun way to celebrate the things that make you happy. A few years ago, the company I was working at observed National Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was fun and built camaraderie among the staff.

Not sure what days to celebrate?

Visit the National Day Calendar to see a list of national days (some more obscure than others.) Here are a few of my favorites:

National Days: National Science Fiction Day


1/2 National Science Fiction Day
1/13 National Sticker Day
1/21 National Hugging Day
1/26 National Spouses' Day
1/27 Do For Your Country Day

National Days: National Pizza Day


2/4 National Thank A Mail Carrier Day
2/7 National Send A Card To A Friend Day
2/9 National Pizza Day
2/11 National Inventors' Day
2/17 National Random Acts Of Kindness Day
2/20 National Love Your Pet Day

National Days: National Old Stuff Day


3/2 National Old Stuff Day
3/3 National I Want You To Be Happy Day
3/8 Women's Day
3/13 National K9 Veterans' Day
3/15 National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
3/29 National Mom & Pop Business Owners' Day

National Days: National Pet Day


4/10 National Siblings' Day
4/11 National Pet Day
4/17 National Ellis Island Family History Day
4/18 National Animal Cracker Day
4/22 National Jelly Bean Day
4/30 National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

National Days: World Press Freedom Day


5/2 National Truffle Day
5/3 World Press Freedom Day
5/4 National Star Wars Day
5/18 National Visit Your Relatives Day
5/21 National Memo Day
5/25 National Tap Dance Day

National Days: National Best Friends' Day


6/4 National Hug Your Cat Day
6/8 National Best Friends' Day
6/11 National Making Life Beautiful Day
6/15 Nature Photography Day
6/20 National Hike With A Geek Day
6/29 National Camera Day

National Days: National Father Daughter Take A Walk Day


7/1 National U.S. Postage Stamp Day
7/7 National Father Daughter Take A Walk Day
7/11 National Cheer Up The Lonely Day
7/17 World Emoji Day
7/26 National Aunt & Uncle Day

National Days: Book Lovers' Day


8/5 National Underwear Day
8/9 Book Lovers' Day
8/12 National Vinyl Record Day
8/21 National Senior Citizens' Day
8/25 National Park Service Founders' Day
8/27 National Just Because Day

National Days: National Wildlife Day


9/4 National Wildlife Day
9/11 National Day of Service & Remembrance
9/24 National Punctuation Day
9/26 National Good Neighbor Day

National Days: National Day of the Deployed


10/1 National Homemade Cookies Day
10/4 National Taco Day
10/5 National Do Something Nice Day
10/15 National Grouch Day
10/26 National Day of the Deployed
10/28 National Chocolate Day

National Days: National Cake Day


11/4 National Use Your Common Sense Day
11/13 World Kindness Day
11/26 National Cake Day
11/29 Electronic Greetings Day

National Days: Gingerbread House Day


12/8 National Brownie Day
12/12 Gingerbread House Day
12/18 Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
12/26 National Thank You Note Day
12/30 Bacon Day

Did I leave out one of your favorite days to celebrate? Share your favorite national day and how you celebrate it in the comments below. I'd love to hear your favorites!

Until next time, let's make the world a happier place one smile at a time!